Member Services Center

Shetu’s Member Services Center is a one-stop center for all it’s members. The Center provides one-on-one counseling services and assistance on a wide array of issues and topics, such as customizing resumes and cover letters, providing information on city and banking jobs, including Department of Education, Department of Citywide Administrative Services and city exams, US citizenship preparation and public benefits among many other services.

Shetu offers counseling services in the following areas:

 Resume and Cover Letter
 Job Search, Mock Interviews and Applications
 Passport Applications
 US Citizenship Preparation
 Youth-development services
 High school and college applications
 Exam preparation- SHSAT, Regents, GRE, SAT, MCAT
 Summer Employment Opportunities
 College work-study opportunities, STEM research opportunities etc.
 Public benefits (affordable housing, EBT foodstamps etc.)