Health and Wellness- Focus Group

In 2014, in collaboration with “The New York Academy of Medicine,” Shetu surveyed approximately 100 households inquiring questions related to their health and choices of food, nutrition and meal preparation. The community assessment continued with two focus groups separated by gender with an age range of 35-65 years of age and approximately 30 participants in each group. The outcomes of the surveys and focus groups helped both organizations learn more about how Bangladeshis think about food and nutrition related to their health outcomes. Furthermore, this study has brought a closer focus on the lack of health and nutrition education in this community. Additionally, the most recent focus group was completed in May 2016, in partnership with the Coalition of Asian American Children and Families. The central goal of this focus group was to assess how the language barrier impact immigrant communities access healthcare. This particular need assessment helped us learn about the choices Bangladeshi immigrants make related to where and whom they seek their healthcare needs. This was an excellent opportunity where members expressed the lack of language access in healthcare facilities and shared their experiences with healthcare providers from their own communities.