Civic Engagement

Shetu aims to instill in immigrant communities, the importance of active citizenship, fulfilling their civic duty and promoting community leadership through its Civic Engagement Program. This program encompasses various activities for people of all age groups, where we involve working and young populations to develop their capacity to become active agents of change. By bringing community members together and providing community education and awareness creating activities, we involve individuals to engage in community work, increasing the rates of civic participation among immigrants. We also run voter registration drives, voter education programs, Get Out the Vote initiatives through door knocking, phone banking and texting during state primary and general elections.

Shetu helps lawful permanent residents to become U.S citizens through citizenship assistance (filling out applications, organizing citizenship classes etc.). We involve the community people in civic engagement issues, raising awareness of rights through voter registration and voter education. Shetu does not stop here- we offer civic engagement workshops that prepares the community for the larger world of politics. Topics such as, voter registration processes and voting qualifications are covered in the workshops

Shetu’s Youth Leadership Development wing curates programs for budding change-makers which educates young leaders regarding cultural history, identity and the need for socio-cultural integration in the U.S. Shetu believes the knowledge imparted from the programs will enable these future leaders to become socio-culturally responsible citizens and help to increase rates of civic engagement while leaving a deep-rooted impact in their diverse communities.


Shetu has at the forefront when it comes to promoting civic participation in South Asian communities. Shetu has successfully organized Candidate...


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